Use Your iPad as a MIDI Bridge/router

Just a short example, how you can route midi messages thru an ipad over wifi to a Mac…


  • iPad (iPhone will work, too.…but only jailbreaked devices with camera connection support tweak installed)
  • MIDI Bridge App
  • Camera Connection Kit
  • USB-MIDI Device (only driverless usb-midi devices will work.)

Overview Connections


2. Connect, select your device and link it to your “CoreMidi Network Session”.

The “MIDI Bridge App” sends/receives MIDI Messages and will work in background, too. So you can use some other APPs like “Control” or “TouchOSC“… just use iOS Accelerator, Gyro, Compass & Max/MSP to create a motion controlled application, like Numark’s “Orbit” or my “dubmotion Project


3. Link your iPad to Mac’s “CoreMidi Network Session” at “Audio-MIDI-Setup”.

CoreMIDI Network Session

4. Select your “CoreMidi Network Session” to receive messages from the iPad & its connected device. (Ableton Live example)

midi setup ableton live