mircoprocessor & midi

Some years ago, I started my first midi-dj-mixer project with some MITCH 10kOhm Faders. There are a lot of great informations on the web & more open source project, you ever have expected. For me, it was very complex to find out, with which gear I should beginn. The experience with my iPad, OSC & Max/MSP helped a lot to understand the complexity of message routing. So here are some microprocessors, which you can use for your own diy midi projects & more – Picture left to right: NXP LPC1769, Arduino Mega 2560 Rev.2, Arduino Uno Rev.2 & Teensy 2.0++



This microprocessor is used for the MBHP Core LPC17 Projects from ucapps.de.

With additional PCB extensions, you can create a complex professional midi device. Many extensions are less then $15 and the PCBs can be orded at MIDIbox Shop.  The MIOS Studio allow you, to set up your gear easily. There are many Projects like the MIDIO 128 or the Midibox NG.

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev.3 & Arduino Uno Rev.2 

The Arduino is one of http://www.chicagobearsjerseyspop.com my favorited processors. The community & the hugh bulk of librarys make it really comfortable to get something working. There are a lot of combinations, to let an Arduino communicate to a host computer. You can use, firmata(max, pure data…), Midi, OSC etc.. By other Bootloaders, e.g. HIDUINO, you can let your Arduino work as an usb-midi interface.

Teensy 2.0++

The Teensy is very simular to the Arduino source. With the Tennsyduino you can chance your Teensy to a native usb-midi interface without flashing the bootloader. So it’s more comfortable to work. To Upload a new sketch to HIDUINO, you have to switch between arduino & hiduino firmware everytime for uploading a Service new sketch. Ok, it’s not a big deal with dev programmer, but not the best way. The Teensy can handle Arduino’s editor Cup to upload new sketches.