Please check out hoel’s great build instruction for Anode DIY at

diy meeblip anode

The Meeblip Anode is an Open Source Synthesizer released by CDM. The Synth has a MainOSC with SubOSC, LFO, Filter, AD(S). Most of the sound processing is digital. The Filter processing is done by an analog circuit. For controlling the Meeblip functions, you can use the pots and switches or you can use MIDI messages to control it. VCF Envelope and Glide can only be access over MIDI.

Max4Live Device to control Anode’s parameter over MIDI


Download Meeblip Anode Controller for Ableton and Max4Live

The original documentation and informations about this great little Synth can be found at . There, you’ll find also dealers, where you can buy a build version. If you don’t wanna buy a builded one, you’ll find here all necessary informations to build your own.

Bevor you start, download the latest Mebblip Anode Firmware:

I used an Arduino Uno as an ISP Programmer and AVRDUDE to burn the ATmega32 with the Anode FW. Check out the tutorial about Arduino as ISP . If you own a AVR Programmer, check out the documentation at

cd /your/anode/FW/bin

avrdude -c arduino -P /dev/tty.usbmodem1451 -p m32 -b 19200 -B 5 -U flash:w:anode.hex -U lfuse:w:0xBF:m -U hfuse:w:0xD9:m

(Check your Arduino Port and insert it after -P …)


Note: Bevor you solder the ATMEGA Socket (IC1), you should install the two wires (+5V & GND) under it.


Updated layout. Thanks to Günter.

Meeblip Anode BOM V1.0