What’s Euxoloti?

Euxoloti is a project which I started shortly after I watched Johannes presentation at 31c3 and his Indiegogo campaign. Axoloti is focused on audio application and the biggest challenge was to handle common Eurorack synth signal levels. From this to now there were a few prototypes and betas.

euxo-1-2euxo prototypes


I ended up with a design which provides a lot of I/O to create individual applications which are mostly limited by less creativity or knowledge 😉

You can use Euxoloti+Axoloti for e.g.:

  • simple waveform generator
  • sample player/rec.
  • effect unit (audio/cv)
  • clock divider
  • filter
  • CV to MIDI
  • check Axoloti Forum for more examples.


Sources like Mutable Instruments, Music Thing Modular and other open source projects were a big help to develop the euxoloti. The whole Euxoloti project is released under CC-BY-NS-SA and open source to give something back to open source and diy community. Feel free to create new extensions and share your project with Axoloti community.


more coming soon…